Spring is literally the awakening of the people because we have been buried in snow and cold for nearly 6 months.  It’s always funny to me how the minute the temperature goes above zero so many people start to wear shorts and t-shirts. I always feel like a new person, once the sun is out and I can walk the streets and see the trees and grass turn green. This feeling also unleashes my deep desire to clean and de-clutter my house. I generally like to hold on to pretty much EVERYTHING so my husband definitely rejoices when noticing that I am going to start cleaning and organizing.  Now spring-cleaning is not to be taken lightly! I am here to share with you some of my secrets to successfully tackling this seemingly overwhelming task.


  1. Break it down

    Just thinking about all the things I need to de-clutter and clean in my house gives me anxiety and the sense that I shouldn’t even start because I will clearly never finish. So instead I break it down to simple areas that I know I can accomplish in a day. For Example: Laundry room, kids toys, Garage…..etc.  Breaking it down and making a list of all the areas that I need to tackle gives me a to do list that I slowly start working through instead of just a big huge house that need to be cleaned.

  2. Stop being so emotional

    I keep everything….its sad, its pathetic and unnecessary. This means that I have so much stuff that has absolutely no functional value in my life. The key is once you decide that you are spring cleaning, “out with the old” and the junk has to go. Stop thinking about how you’re going to give your unborn hypothetical daughter your 30 year old Barbie that has no hair. The real question to ask is “am I using this now?” This goes for your closet as well, don’t keep things that you haven’t worn in over a year (ok fine you can keep your wedding dress).Picture3

  3. Buy new cleaning materials

    When you buy a new yoga outfit you can’t wait to go to the gym and show it off? This is the same Idea. If you need to go digging into your basement to find that gross cleaning pad and that 10-year-old cleaning solution you are not going want to clean. Go to the store buy a new bucket, cleaning pads, mop, fresh smelling detergents and some really cute cleaning gloves and you will be surprised how excited you might actually get from cleaning!Picture2

  4. Get help

    you don’t have to do it all yourself. Enlist the members of your family to help out. Blast your favorite family soundtrack and get everyone in the family to help you with one area of the house. Make it fun and promise a a nice reward afterwards!Picture5

  5. Don’t Stop!

    As you start the ball rolling on the cleaning bonanza, whatever you do, don’t stop. Once your in the mood and you see the amazing results of your work, keep going until your done because most of the time when you loose momentum and tell yourself you will come back to it next week, it usually becomes next year.