At Smilebox, we’re always thinking of new ways to improve our product based on customer feedback, surveys and more. Just in time for the holidays, we’ve released three important features that you guys have been asking for. Here’s a little bit more about each feature and how it will help save you time and make your creations better than ever.

Multiple Songs

Until now, you were only able to add one song per creation. This was mainly an issue when creating longer slideshows and the one song would just keep repeating. It was also an issue if one song didn’t really get the whole mood that you were trying to get across. Now you can tell your story with as many songs as you need to tell it right.  To add multiple songs:

  1. Click on arrow next to ‘PLAYLIST’
  2. Click on ‘Multiple tracks’ toggle button to turn on
  3. Click the ‘+’ sign next to the track you’d like to add or upload your own music

Voilà! Now you have multiple songs added to your creation!

Upload Photos 5X Faster

With the holiday season upon us, we know how busy your schedule must be. Now you can upload your photos five times faster than before! This will especially save you time when creating longer slideshows with a bunch of photos. So many of you asked for this so it was super important for us to get this done in time for the holidays and in time for you to make slideshows with all your photos from the year. When adding photos, a new-and-improved popup appears and allows you to upload photos without ever leaving the Editor page. After selecting the photos you want to add, they download quickly on the side while you continue to work on your creation.

Personalized Thumbnails

When you used to share your creation via email or social media, the thumbnail was our Smilebox logo. In our customer feedback surveys, we read that you wanted a preview of your own personal creation to be shown instead of our logo. So, here you have it! Now when you share your creation, your friends, family, colleagues—you name it!—will see a personalized thumbnail of your own creation. This is not only a more personal experience, but it also gives everyone a sneak peak of what you’ve created before they open it, or when sending an invitation, it will help guests to quickly reference the event details.

We’re always working on improving our product to give you a better experience. We’ll continue to keep you posted as new features are released and upgraded. To check out these latest updates, visit us now!