ABOMINABLE PartyABOMINABLE is the latest DreamWorks Animation film. If you haven’t seen it yet or can’t wait to watch it again and again be sure to look for it on Digital 12/3 and Blu-ray 12/17!  From the studio that brought you How to Train Your Dragon, this heartwarming and humorous story follows a teenaged girl and her mischievous friends who discover a young yeti—who they named Everest—on the roof of their apartment building. They embark on a thrilling, magical adventure to reunite the mysterious creature with his family at the highest point on Earth, and in the process, discover themselves.  ABOMINABLE takes audiences on an epic 3,000 mile journey from the streets of a large city in China to the breathtaking Himalayan snowscapes.

ABOMINABLE Birthday Party Animated Invitations

ABOMINABLE sets the stage for super fun birthday party inspiration! Decorations, activities, and eCards, all featuring Everest, Yi, and friends, will make your youngster’s next celebration the biggest thrill ever. So read on to begin your own journey towards a birthday party plan that your own group of junior adventurers will never forget.

What better way to prepare for an ABOMINABLE party than with customizable ABOMINABLE eCards to share your birthday wishes to your little Yeti? Then, let the excitement begin with ABOMINABLE-themed animated invitations. Put Everest front and center, or have him side-by-side with a photo of the birthday boy or girl. You can also change the text and easily enter details about the party. With these ABOMINABLE birthday templates, the choice is yours.

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 Ideas for ABOMINABLE Party Decorations

Live in a snowy climate? Job done! But seriously, setting up the ultimate ABOMINABLE party is only limited by your imagination.

Almost obligatory is a complete Yeti outfit (hello DIY costumes!) – how about one for each family member? Also, some of your Christmas decorations can possibly do double duty this year, if you’ve got some winter-themed stuff sitting in the attic.

And what about music? Fortunately, the ABOMINABLE DreamWorks Animation film soundtrack is available through the Internet, so you just need to hook up your computer to some speakers and press play.

Then there’s the dessert. Finally, a chance to get rid of some of your vanilla frosting! From ice cream to cookies to cupcakes to cakes, all you need is to concoct your kid’s favorite dessert, then add some white and blue icing, and stick on a couple of candy eyes (again, with white frosting and black dots that are a combination of icing and black food coloring).


ABOMINABLE Movie Party Activities

There are plenty of party activities to bring the movie to life for your child, right in your own home. You might just want to watch the film again to be reminded of all the individual characters, fantastic scenes, and discoveries that the characters make along the way.

One idea is to invite your guests to dress up as the various supporting characters: Peng, Jin, Nai Nai, and even Mr. Burnish or Dr. Zara. Then, have the birthday boy or girl masquerade as Everest or Yi, while an adult takes the corresponding role. As the grownup directs the adventure, the group can reenact some of the scenes. Imagine a hide-and-seek with Everest concealed somewhere, as Yi leads her friends, and the scientists compete with them, to find Everest!

Or, have an ABOMINABLE-themed feast. Remember all the interesting food featured in the movie? Nai Nai’s pork bao buns, giant blueberries, and even the red cola cans can all serve as the basis of an ABOMINABLE-style meal. Want to be a bit sneaky? Print up some “Melted Snow” labels and paste them on bottles of mineral water!

ABOMINABLE Birthday Party

ABOMINABLE Post-Party Ideas

The party might be over, but the fun continues. Round out the celebration with ABOMINABLE-themed thank you cards for those thoughtful guests who arrived with gifts, or just to show that you appreciate that they came. You might even think about sending customized ABOMINABLE eCards by providing a specific thank you to each friend.

And then, combine all those adorable party photos that you took into a winter-themed slideshow. Your friends and loved ones will get a kick out of watching it.

Your Destination for ABOMINABLE Movie Templates

No matter what ABOMINABLE template you want to share, Smilebox provides the magic! Your kids will love our ABOMINABLE eCards, birthday invitations, and slideshows. They’re all available and customizable with just a few clicks.

What about something for other occasions? Smilebox has you covered. From holiday celebrations to everyday living, Smilebox has a variety of formats and styles that you’ll love (see our birthday card maker for example). So after your ABOMINABLE party adventure, journey to the land of Smilebox to make some new discoveries!