Back to school, back to school, back to school…….those words are like a beautiful song that is sang in my ears, and for many parents around the world.
I love summer, I really do, and we had some really amazing outdoor adventures this summer. It has been a whirlwind of splash pads, trips and water fun but I am so ready for all to be right with the world and for my kids to go back to school!

A lot of preparation goes into getting the kids back to school. Most of it includes tons of shopping, because who doesn’t love to go back to school with a fresh new wardrobe? I remember when I was a kid I used to try on my back to school clothes weeks in advance and model it for pretty much anyone who was interested.

I did some research on what the latest fashion trends are for both boys and girls this fall because I wanted my kids to go back to school with style. If I am going shopping it might as well look good. Some of the hottest trends for back to school this year are super fun and affordable which is a win, win situation for both the kids and the parents.

Since I have two boys I am always looking for things that can spruce up their wardrobe that mainly consists of comfy clothes such as sweat pants and t-shirts.
This season I am in luck as printed sweat pants and printed T-shits are all the rage.


Now these are not your typical sweat pants. These sweat pants hang low and are super cool with their funky designs and thick elastic on the bottom to give that cool yet casual look.

Pair these funky sweat pants with a printed T-shirt and you are good to go. I love this outfit because it is comfy enough to please my boys and looks pulled together enough to make me happy as well.


Skinny jeans with stretch are very comfortable even for the boys

The girls of course always get the fun stuff! This fall its all about small embellishments, glitter, shine and sparkles on cool dresses, paired with a bomber jacket and your girl is more then ready to hit the school pavement in style.


High top shoes go with any outfit

Now footwear is also part of the outfit of course. Everywhere you look you see high tops for both boys AND girls! These high tops complete any outfit, if it happens to be a nice dress or sweats for the boys.


Bomber jackets to keep the little ones warm this fall

If you want something more casual, Addidas footwear is very stylish right now for both kids and parents. My kids get a kick of wearing their Addidas shoes at the same time I wear mine!

These are some of the pieces I love for back to school this year and the best part is that it is very affordable stuff that you can find almost anywhere.

Of course taking pictures of the kids on the first day of school is a must, as we cherish those moments the most. Grandparents and friends are going to want to see those kids and their outfits so why not make a beautiful back to school slideshow on Smilebox so you can remember these moments for a lifetime. Check out my Smilebox creation of the boys!
I wish everyone luck with the upcoming school year!