Some apps come and go, while only the best ones stick around. Take the lessons learned by Flipagram, for example: an app download that was once very popular, but which has now been overshadowed by many similar products. And through it all, Smilebox video maker has established itself as an online leader for making free, fun personal videos.

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What Happened to Flipagram?

Flipagram is a free app download for creating musical slideshows with photos and videos stored on personal devices like tablets and mobile phones. Users create videos and then post them online. Flipagram is intuitive to use and lets users add personal features like music. But Flipagram got into trouble a few years back. It tried becoming a social network and found that many of its competitors were already established in that area. After running into financial problems, Flipagram was bought by another company, and then sold to another (currently Vigo Video). Its user base dropped from 200 million in June 2016 to 36 million in January 2017. Since that time, many of its users have complained that it is not nearly as good as it used to be.

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What’s Different about the Smilebox Video Maker

Since 2005, Smilebox has built itself up as a user-friendly provider of online templates and products that allow people to tell life’s stories and mark any occasion. The free Smilebox video collage maker requires no download and practically no skill to use, but delivers a professional-looking result filled with fun and personalized features. Here’s how it works:

Pick a template. The Smilebox video maker comes replete with a wide variety of templates in every category so that, when it comes to special occasions like holidays and birthdays, all the basic design elements have been prepared for you. Of course, if you’re in a creative mood, you can build a video template practically from scratch.

Flipagram AlternativeAdd your photos. Smilebox lets you access all the photos on your digital devices and social media accounts, and then easily add them to your video-in-process. Smilebox even provides users with an account where photos can be stored for future use so that they can be added to any of our products (like the card maker, slideshow maker, etc.) with only one click.

Customize. Change the colors, fonts, and special effects of your video from among a wide assortment of choices. It’s as simple as clicking to update your creation. This is also the part when you can add music, from your library or ours.

Share. You can always keep your creation for yourself, but where’s the fun in that? Once you like your video creation, it’s super simple to add it to your social media accounts, send it by email, or share via a mobile device.

Get started today on making the most out of your personal videos and photos with the Smilebox video maker. If you like what you see, don’t forget to check out our other products, all with the same high quality and ease of use.  

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