I have had many jobs in my short lifetime.  I tried anything and everything from waitress, event planning, fashion editing, make up artistry, directing arts and culture events director and so on. I have had A LOT of experience in the work force and not only in one country.  The reason why I have had so many different kinds of jobs is because I always tried to follow my heart and do what inspired me at that point in my life. I also felt that nothing stood in my way and so I was able to get my foot in the door in many different industries. After all those years of experience, I can say hands down that the jobs I was the most content in, were the ones where I felt appreciated.

A concept bosses all over the world should internalize and should be branded into company’s training manual, is that employees that feel appreciated are happier and more productive than those who do not.

Many social psychologists have done extensive research studies on the subject of employee productivity. These studies show that when one feels appreciated, valued and that the work that they do really matters to the people around them, productivity rises.  Google, one of the top companies in the world, has people whose sole job is to keep employees happy and maintain productivity.  Those jobs exist because they know that the happiness of the people who run the business is vital to reducing turnover and decreasing employee dissatisfaction.

Looking at my extremely diverse resume and all the experiences that I have had in the workforce, I am overjoyed. Overjoyed at the fact that I took risks over and over again and never gave up looking for a new opportunity. All of those different jobs and experiences made me who I am today and has deepened my understanding of people, situations and life in general. I also appreciate the work that people around me do for me on a daily basis if it is a waitress, a contractor or the lovely man at the crosswalk. We all want to feel appreciated, if it’s in the workforce or in our homes. So if you are a boss at a busy company or a mother at home take the time to appreciate the people around you by sending them a card, a message, or even a hug and I promise you will see the difference immediately.