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As the Consumer App Division of Perion Networks (NASDAQ: PERI), Smilebox provides interactive, animated online products direct to consumer at smilebox.com and through creative SaaS solutions that connect eCommerce, marketing automation and CRM platforms to the Smilebox API.

Smilebox has been a business leader in the field of eCards, online invitations and slideshows for over 15 years.

About Smilebox

customers can send the card immediately upon purchase or choose a preferred date and time in the future and receive auto-notification when their card is sent.

Scheduled Send

Easy-to-use customization interface for your customer, anyone can create a high-end, branded card with zero tech knowhow.

Empowering Customer Experience

Precision lead acquirement and remarketing opportunities through sender and recipient.

Advanced Remarketing Tools

Brighton, NY


“What a great tool! Our clients loved sending these beautiful cards with their purchases. We got amazing feedback”

Garden City, GA


“This platform brought in a lot of business for our company. Super quick and easy to deploy in the website, super quick and easy to use”

Listen to our users: 

Branded eCard creation platform for your cart page. Customers get an upgraded shopping and gifting experience, you get precision remarketing leads.

eCard Solution for eCommerce

Increase User Engagement

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With eCard scheduled to the perfect timing your brand can create a memorable experience for both customer and recipient

Card designs tailor-made to correspond with your brand identity seamlessly, easily and quickly integrated into your cart page

Increase brand exposure by targeting gift recipients and create opportunities for remarketing initiatives

Seamless tailored integration 

Acquire Quality Leads

Give your customers the ability to send fully customizable, animated eCards with their gift. Increase their engagement with your brand and create new marketing opportunities.

Smart eCard Solution for eCommerce.


How it Works

At shopping cart: 
Customer selects adding eCard to gift order.

  • Personalize & Schedule: 
    Write a personal note
    Add photo or video
    Schedule sending time 

Perfect timing
Receiver gets a personal greeting (email/text )
Notified that he will get a delivery soon from your brand
Access to tracking info

  • Personalize & Schedule: 
    Write a personal note
    Add photo or video
    Schedule sending time 

How it Works