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Beyond Scrapbooks - Easy, Personalized Ways to Share Photos

REDMOND, Wash., April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Families today are busier than ever. Parents not only work, but they also keep track of the ever-growing schedules of their children. There are sports events to attend, special nights at school, dance recitals and plays. The convenience of digital cameras that fit in your purse makes it so almost any occasion gets captured with a picture or two. But what to do with all these pictures?

One mother, Michele McGreggor from Sammamish, Washington has discovered a new way to share her photos. An avid scrapbooker, McGreggor uses a new Internet service called Smilebox ( to share personalized photos with family and friends.

The Smilebox service has hundreds of quality multimedia designs including digital scrapbooks, photobooks, greetings, slideshows and postcards. Users can personalize the Smilebox designs with their photos, words, music and embellishments, and then email their creation to family and friends or print it as a keepsake.

"Sharing my family's photos and stories with those close to me is very important," says McGregor. "Scrapbooks are great for special occasions, but I often just want to create and share something quickly, something that is still personal and compelling," she adds.

It's Affordable

Creating a Smilebox is easy and very affordable. There are three price options:

  • Email a basic version of the design for free with a short ad.
  • Send the premium version often as you wish for a small, one-time fee starting at $0.99. Print and play the premium version full screen without ads.
  • In June, the company will offer a monthly subscription giving consumers unlimited access to premium versions of designs for a fixed fee of $4.99 a month.

When a person receives a Smilebox email they do not need to worry about log-ins, passwords or installing software. The Smilebox plays directly from their email as a rich multi-media experience.

"Smilebox is perfect for sharing special moments, every day events or just letting someone know someone I am thinking of them," say McGregor. "The response from my friends and family has been amazing. Best of all, my mom can easily see my photos without having to open large attached files, what a relief!"