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Using a Debit Card for Club Smilebox?

If you are planning to use a debit card to subscribe to Club Smilebox, please note that banks treat debit card transactions differently from credit card transactions.

When you initially subscribe to Club Smilebox, your debit card is authorized for $1 (U.S. Dollar) on the date you subscribe. This authorization may show as a withdrawal on your card's online statement. The bank temporarily holds the authorized amount for three to seven days before releasing it back into your account. This is the standard way banks handle all debit card purchases you make.

Smilebox will not charge you until the day after your free trial period has expired.

In order to avoid the risk of incurring overdraft or minimum balance charges from your bank, please make sure that you have more than $1 available in your account before subscribing to Club Smilebox using a debit card. Washington and New York State residents should also account for sales tax.