I love that time of year when it starts to get chilly outside. Everyone is pulling out their winter sweaters after a hot summer of flip-flops and shorts. Before too long the snow arrives and covers the streets in white powder. Around this time you start to see Christmas decorations on every street corner and it feels like magic in the air.

Bringing that magic feeling of Christmas into your home helps everyone get into the spirit and excitement of the holidays. This is easily done with Christmas decorations. We put so much thought into food, gifts and holiday cards but the decorations are such an important part of the holiday and deserve some thought as well.

I think that the most important decoration piece is what goes smack in the middle of your table. The centerpiece can liven up the room around it and set the tone for the rest of the decorations in the house. It creates an inviting feeling and can be a conversation piece around the table.

I love a romantic, low light ambiance around the dinner table, and so my go to Floating Candle centerpiece really helps create that mood. What I really like about this centerpiece is that it is so easy to make, but it also looks remarkable. There are so many easy ways that I can be creative with this piece once I have the basics down.


I use a few tea light candles, water and a vase or large bowl. I like to use clear bowls so the objects I place inside can be seen through the glass. Now this is where I like to get really creative with the things I place inside. Thinking about the colour schemes and objects from around the room and incorporating them always wins extra decor points. One of the things you can use is different ornaments that you already have at home, glass beads, red or green food coloring that will tint the water, or sparkles that can really brighten up the water and add shine. I once saw someone place fish in the water but I don’t think it’s really necessary….


Once I have the look I want, I add the floating candles and if I want to go all out I buy the fancy floating candles as opposed to just using the tea light candles.  Something I also like to do is place the bowl on top of a round mirror, which reflects the light from the candles for some extra oomph.


Decorating my house for the holidays is one of my favorite things to do, and I am always looking for new creative ideas. This centerpiece is guaranteed to impress anyone that walks into your home this Christmas season.

What’s your favorite centerpiece? Share your ideas bellow or post a picture of the one that you made!


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