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From open houses to garage sales to local events, flyers are a great way to reach potential consumers, both online and off. With top-notch applications available online, creating a customized flyer is simpler than ever. However, it’s worthwhile to spend a bit of time thinking about exactly how to make a flyer online that will be noticed by busy people and get your message across properly. Our advertising and design professionals got together and came up with a few valuable tips to assist you in designing and customizing an expert-level flyer.

How to Make a Flyer Like the Pros

1.  Research

If you are selling a product or service, doing a bit of research on your audience, competition, and similar campaigns can really make a difference. Put yourself in the mindset of your potential buyers, and ask yourself what they are looking for. Secondly, what are your competitors doing? You should avoid too much similarity, but if you like a certain existing concept, you might want to adapt it to your needs. Finally, speak to someone who has run a similar effort. Did it succeed or not? Get the benefit of their wisdom and incorporate it in your flyer.  

Real Estate Flyer Template from Smilebox

2.  Attract the eye

So much junk, so little attention span. Your first priority when learning how to make a flyer is to ensure that it stands out from all the noise. Whether you are stapling your flyer to phone poles or posting them on Facebook, you must grab the attention of your audience with the right style, image, and colors.

For mailed flyers, think about using a half-fold, tri-fold or spiral-fold. It’s unusual to receive such a format, and is yet another way to get your message to stand out. You can also use this format to lead your audience through the flow of information. Your choice of format will affect how much text and how many pictures you will use, so decide this one first.

For online flyers, choosing a strong image is key. Getting one might be simple if you are selling your house, or a bit of a challenge if you are promoting something abstract like a party. No matter which type of image you need, make sure it appears as though it was taken by a professional (properly centered, in focus, etc.). If you can’t take a picture, go online and search. You might need to pay a few dollars to a supplier of stock photos.

Use the photo and/or your logo (if you have one) as your starting point for the colors of your flyer. If there’s an eye-catching color in the photo, use that to frame it. Or, use the colors of your logo for the background and line colors of your flyer.

Use Smilebox Flyers to get the word out!
General Flyer Template from Smilebox

3.  What’s in it for me?

Now it’s time for the text. Put a lot of thought into capturing the essence of what you are promoting, and make it interesting to the audience by evoking their curiosity, search for value, need for entertainment, etc.

Once you grab the initial interest of your audience, you only have a few seconds of their attention to make your flyer memorable. The main question to answer in your text is why they should be reading the flyer in the first place; so, in short sentences or bullets, tell your audience why you (your event/product/service) is relevant. Your message should be straight to the point, written in simple language, and emphasize the value of your offer. Of course, make sure to include all of your contact details and ways to find out more (website, social media, and so on).  

One easy way to highlight value is by offering a discount or promotion if a customer responds to your flyer. This also provides a call to action for your potential customers as a first step towards actually buying something.

Use a Smilebox Flyer to get the word out!
Photograph Flyer Template from Smilebox

4.  Finishing touches

Make sure to proofread your flyer, and maybe have an attentive colleague or friend do the same. Once everything looks good, decide whether you want to print and mail your flyer or share it online. If printing, opt for high-quality printing at home or a professional print shop. If you are mailing your flyers, use this opportunity to check out special printing features like high gloss and embossed text. If you prefer to spread the word online, be sure to post your flyer on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With online platforms like Smilebox, you can also easily email your flyer and send it by text message.

Create a flyer for your fundraiser or event with Smilebox flyers.
Fundraiser Flyer Template from Smilebox

We Show You More Than Just How to Make a Flyer

Creating a flyer is often just the beginning. Whether you’re a connoisseur or totally new at this, Smilebox has tools for anyone who wants an easy but impressive way to express themselves. Our online flyer maker not only results in beautiful flyers, but also helps you stand out, attract the right audience, and get a return on your efforts. Check out our vast collection of free and easy-to-customize flyer templates for real estate, sales and services, special events, parties, holidays, photographers, and much more.

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