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David W. Lewis
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Stephanie Gamez
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frequently asked questions
Got questions?
We've got answers!
How many photos can I upload to a Smilebox slideshow?
In most cases, you can add an unlimited amount of photos.
Can I download my creations?
Yes, you can download high-resolution photo or video versions of your creations.
Can I add music to my Smilebox creation?
Yes, you can either upload your own music or choose from our vast library of tunes.
Can I customize any design?
Yes, you can customize any Smilebox design with photos, music, text and more.
Does Smilebox work on mobile?
Yes, you can access Smilebox from your mobile and share your designs on the go.
Do you need to download Smilebox?
No, Smilebox is an online website that doesn’t require downloading and can easily be accessed from your desktop or mobile.