Smilebox - Spread More Happy

Smilebox Investors

Venture Capital Investors

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of the following members:

  • Richard Wolpert, President, Chance Technologies, Inc.
  • Rob Stavis, Managing Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners
  • Paul Bialek, General Partner, Frazier Technology Ventures
  • Paul Thelen, Founder, Big Fish Games, Inc.
  • Andrew Wright, President and Founder, Smilebox, Inc.

Angel Investors

We are delighted to have the following angel investors:

  • Rob Burgess, former Chairman, Macromedia, Inc.
  • Paula Chen Su, Vice President of Design and Marketing, Making Memories, Inc.
  • Jonathan Gay, former CTO, Macromedia, Inc.
  • Rob Glaser, CEO, RealNetworks, Inc.
  • Garr Godfrey, Founder and General Manager, Gamehouse
  • Peter J. Goldie, former Vice President, Macromedia
  • Stuart Lombard, Principal, John Albright Venture Partners
  • Mark Surfas, Founder, GameSpy Industries
  • Paul Thelen, CEO, Big Fish Games
  • Richard Wolpert, President, Chance Technologies, LLC
  • Susan Wright, Managing Partner, Compass Partners, LLC